Tomorrow, Saturday June 28th, Paint Encinitas will be hanging out on the 101 and getting some community art on! As a part of Summer Fun on the 101, Leucadia’s funky music festival, we’ll be setting up camp with a booth of our own and a banner for kids [of all ages and times of life] to paint! We like to call it a “Moveable Mural Banner” to help spread the word about our mural project. The only goal is to have Leucadia families get creative and help us create something beautiful!

Local artist, Julie Ann Stricklin did an amazing job illustrating and outlining this fabulous banner. “I started envisioning kids painting it and so I wanted to make it fun,” Julie said as she explained her artistic process for the banner.


With arts degrees emphasizing graphic design from both San Diego State University and Advertising Arts College in San Diego, Julie participates in many local and community arts projects in the Encinitas area. We were extremely lucky to have been able to incorporate her eclectic, inspired work into our mural arts initiative.

“It was really fun,” she said, “If I was a little kid and I saw this in a park I would run up and want to paint it. I want to paint it now actually.”

Julie used her graphic design training to outline an illustration of a whimsical Leucadia 101 setting with various animals reaching out to paint. Her vision manifested the perfect funky-fun banner for the occasion.

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Working with Julie is yet another example of how we can all reach out to local artists and creators to work together to make amazing things happen. Because we are in it for the same reason– for the love of art!

“For me, art is an innate passion- I came to the planet with it. I think it’s really important for artists to do community projects like this to inspire other artists and kids. Jax is just wanting to make every body’s daily life so much more fun and inspirational– I think that’s important. It’s also incredibly important to instigate thought and creativity. And that’s what Paint Encinitas is doing.”

Thanks again to Julie Ann Stricklin for her beautiful contribution to our mural arts initiative! We hope to see everyone tomorrow at the Summer Fun on the 101 event! Free music will start at the park at 12pm and carry on until 8pm. Find us by the stage at Leucadia Roadside park, 860 N Coast Hwy 101!

And after that don’t forget to come to our big mural unveiling on Sunday at Royal Liquor beginning at 12:00pm!


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We’re adding some summer ART fun to the 101

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