Since our start in January 2014, Paint Encinitas has received many article write ups from local news sources. Some include The Coast News, Encinitas Advocate, and San Diego CityBeat. Read more of our newsworthy stuff by clicking the related links.

May 10, 2015 The Coast News: “‘Harmony’ Mural Continues to Stir Up Controversy” by Promise Yee https://thecoastnews.com/blog/2015/05/harmony-mural-continues-to-stir-up-controversy/

May 6, 2015 92024 Magazine: “Jax Meyers Creates a Mural Arts Program” by Linda frabl http://92024magazine.com/2015/05/01/jax-meyers-creates-a-mural-arts-program-in-encinitas/

February 26, 2015 U-T San Diego: “Encinitas mural sparks conversation” by Barbara Henry http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/feb/26/downtown-encinitas-mural-sparks-controversy/

February 25, 2015 Seaside Courier: “Encinitas artist provides statement about panga mural” by Maggie Avants http://www.seasidecourier.com/news/encinitas-artist-provides-statement-about-panga-mural/article_d84fac7a-bd2b-11e4-ae58-57de72337ed6.html

February 24, 2015 Channel 10 News San Diego: “Encinitas mural: work of art or sending the wrong message?” http://www.10news.com/news/encinitas-mural-work-of-art-or-sending-the-wrong-message

January 14, 2015 Seaside Courier: “Downtown Encinitas gets new mural” by Maggie Avants http://www.seasidecourier.com/news/downtown-encinitas-gets-new-mural/article_5c9d0f74-9c87-11e4-961a-3b969ba4d796.html

January 13, 2015 Encinitas Advocate: “Paint Encinitas column: New mural brings message of unity” by Jax Meyers http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2015/jan/13/paint-encinitas-micaiah-mardison/

January 12, 2015 San Diego CityBeat: “Encinitas colors the city, one mural at a time” by Kinsee Morlan http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/article-13790-paint-encinitas-colors-the-city-one-mural-at-a-time.html

January 10, 2015 The Coast News: “Artist’s view of Encinitas will appear in mural” by Aaron Burgin https://thecoastnews.com/blog/2015/01/artists-view-of-encinitas-will-appear-in-mural/

December 22, 2014 Encinitas Advocate: “Paint Encinitas column: Reflecting on a year of murals” by Jax Meyers http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/dec/22/paint-encinitas-reflecting-year-murals/

October 30, 2014 92024 Magazine: “Paint Encinitas Mural Project” by Tori Morrison http://92024magazine.com/2014/11/01/paint-encinitas-mural-project/

October 16, 2014 Encinitas Advocate Column: “Paint Encinitas: Farm Lab reaps more than art appreciation” by Jax Meyers http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/oct/16/paint-encinitas-eusd-farm-lab/?#article-copy

October 2, 2014 The Coast News Article: “One mural finished, more in the works” by Aaron Burgin https://thecoastnews.com/2014/10/one-mural-finished-more-in-the-works/

August 21, 2014 Encinitas Advocate Column: “Paint Encinitas: Mural disappears from wall, but new art coming” by Jax Meyers http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/aug/21/paint-encinitas-new-leucadia-mural/

August 14, 2014 Encinitas Advocate Column: “Paint Encinitas: Local art scene blossoming” by Jax Meyers http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/aug/14/paint-encinitas-art-blossoming/

June 27, 2014 San Diego Reader Article: “Remember California?” by Ken Harrison http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2014/jun/27/stringers-remember-california/

June 25, 2014 Encinitas Advocate Article: “Artist makes splash with Leucadia mural” by Jared Whitlock http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/jun/25/leucadia-mural-skye-walker-art/

June 22, 2014 U-T San Diego Article: “Mural group seeks to brighten city’s bare spots” by Barbara Henry http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/jun/22/tp-mural-group-seeks-to-brighten-citys-bare-spots/

June 19, 2014 Encinitas Advocate Article: “Encinitas resident calling for more public murals to enliven city” by Jared Whitlock. http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2014/jun/18/public-murals-paint-encinitas/

May 8, 2014 The Coast News Article: “The Murals of Encinitas: A spotlight on local public art” by Yeshe Salz. https://thecoastnews.com/2014/05/the-murals-of-encinitas-a-spotlight-on-local-public-art/


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