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Skye is super excited to be chosen by Paint Encinitas Mural Arts Program to kickoff their first mural project on the north wall on the Royal Liquor store in Leucadia this summer. His piece will be called “Remember California” and will have a nostalgic feeling that alludes to the beauty and love we all have for the California coast and our natural surroundings.

Skye Walker was born in Big Bear, California in 1978. His parents Morris and Lynn Walker were musicians, entertainers, and artists.The Walker family moved all over the country from California to Nevada to Hawaii to Colorado to Oregon. His parents were travelers seeking adventure with the love of experiencing new places with him and his sister Amoris as they tried their hand at different careers.

When Skye and Amoris were old enough, Morris took the family on the road as the EarthWalkers, a family band that focused on bluegrass music, comedy, and a message of saving the planet. They traveled all over the United States performing mostly for schools and entertaining thousands of kids and adults alike. Morris played guitar, Skye played banjo, Lynn and Amoris sang, all the while mixing humor into the show to keep the audience laughing and having fun with them. They logged over 2,000 shows in two years. Skye and Amoris were home-schooled during this time which encouraged and nurtured their creativity in art, writing, and music.

Once the EarthWalkers finished touring, they ended up in Oregon. Throughout all their travels Skye remained focused on art. His passion led him to a pre-college visual arts program called JumpstART at Oregon State University. He attended the program for two summers and earned a four year art scholarship to Oregon State. During college, Skye poured himself into a myriad of commercial art projects in addition to beautifying the campus with murals.

While he loved murals, he focused his studies on Fine Art and later transitioned to Graphic Design. Skye received a BFA in Graphic Design in 2001, packed his bags, his surfboards, and moved back to Southern California landing in Cardiff by the Sea. He’d been in and out of Encinitas his whole life, knowing that he would return one day.

Throughout Skye’s professional career he has worked in-house and on a contract basis for companies such as: Rip Curl, Redsand, prAna, Dragon, Nike, Liquid Force, UCLA Athletics and more.Three years ago, Whole Foods contacted Skye about painting murals for their Encinitas store. Needless to say he was elated and it kickstarted his passion for murals and large format art yet again. Since then, Skye has created murals for six Whole Foods stores, Mesa Rim Climbing Gym, Cafe Ipe, Pandora’s Pizza, as well as manifesting murals in Colorado and Texas.

Another event Skye is stoked about is the 2014 San Diego Surf Film Festival which he has been art directing this year. The festival takes place May 7th – 10th at Birds Surf Shed in San Diego. It’s an amazing event that has to be experienced. There will be intriguing movies, film makers, activities, music, food and art.

Going forward Skye’s goal is to do as many large scale mural projects as possible within the San Diego area and beyond. It’s an great way to bring something special to the community and raise awareness about the importance of art in our daily lives.

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Skye’s Murals and Locations in Southern California:

Whole Foods Market: Encinitas, Del Mar, Hillcrest, Laguna Nigel and Fairfax in LA

Mesa Rim Climbing Gym: Mira Mesa

Cafe Ipe: Leucadia

Pandora’s Pizza: Leucadia



Glide Mural:

Mesa Rim Mural:

Mint Urban Texas:

Stand Up for Kids, Oceanside:

Dairy Case install Encinitas:


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Meet Skye Walker! Paint Encinitas’ selected artist for upcoming mural.
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