Banksy in Boston

Banksy in Boston

Hello and welcome to Paint Encinitas’ official blogsite! It was as simple as a snap, crack, and pop to be here fitting so neatly in this space on the web. Who knew it would be as homey as a child’s first cubbyhole? Time sure did lapse before I was ready to be open to celebrating my creativity unabashed. Once I was prepared to rapturously pin down those treacherous walls of doubt and fear that shot out taller than skyscrapers around ant holes, that’s when the clouds parted and the sun reclaimed its tan on my Vitamin D deficient skin. And somewhere along the way, an enlightened whisper grew louder against blank canvases. When all along, a queen had been warming up a gong to be played across a silent audience; to pass through every atom like an intensely bright rainbow shooting up above stark white skies until the soul is quavering energetically and infinitely within.

This creative limitlessness, or whatever you prefer to call it, is the walls of fear bent over. I choose to surrender to my natural inclination to augment the environment using life’s greatest gift, the imagination, and I choose to do so with words, paint, dance, song, gardening, and organizing murals. But without community, without the ability to share, and to be connected we are immobile. So, do us a favor and unbuckle your inner creativity, paint these walls alongside us, and stay a while. For it is a pleasure to grace these waters with you upstream. No dream touched is forsaken, perhaps profoundly understood as a path untaken as we hike the Mount Everest of letting go, but still stored within the banks of the collective memory. And so we turn to Banksy and the dream of art lived in moments untouched around the world. He spent years un-canceling dreams and seeing them as reality. So please roll the action film on your dreams, too.

And now, without further ado, I  present the vision of this blogsite. I hope this blogsite can serve as an open platform for artists and community members to interact with public art projects, to put ideas out there, and to see those ideas acted upon. My wish is to see this be untouched by a bottom line or manipulated by the hands of greed. My goal is to keep you updated on murals  in progress and pumped up for the epic art-peace we are destined to paint.

Thank you for your generous support, participation, sponsorship, and donations. When we understand art as a way to make peace with our environment that is also when we understand the power of love. <3


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